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First of all, i'm a music fanatic, especially trance, techno, sometimes beach house, rave. My No1. favorite dj/producer: Armin van Buuren..
I'm originally from Hungary, and live in the Netherlands presently. The love for electronic music begun in the 90's with the early beats
of house, rave, and later trance legends influenced my choices for music: Paul Oakenfold, Dr Motte & DJ Westbam, Darude, and other great artists
The love for music completely rules my days, life....98 % listening beautiful trance melodies, all kind: uplifting, vocal, progressive, dream...goes on
My first, experimental album has been released: 4th July 2011, called New  voice in online musicstores like iTunes, Amazon, e-music.
Second album is just released in March 2012, called New Jump, with 2 sides: Chill and Party
Link to my SoundCloud for all tracks from this release to listen first :      Click Me!
Other big "love" IT, as a free time only activity, in both Linux, Windows and MacOS world, though, what i really use everyday is Linux.


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Artist album out now: New Jump

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