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NEW! A State of Trance 550 – Miami, 25th of March (with downloads of ALL full DJ sets)

26/03/2012 15:29



Yesterday we had the next phase of the live world wide event, A State of Trance 550 Anniversary’s next stop: Miami!!!

I followed the event through the ASOT live stream from their web interface, it was excellent show. This time, like i did with the previous shows, i give you some articles here about, right now with the artist names and tracklists + download of the MP3‘s of these DJ setsof the Miami event, below!!

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren (Photo credit: warrenski)

In an other article, if they come online again, will present the music videos, but i guess you will like the MP3 download linksmuch better from this one!  :-D

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